I am an Elderflower
Hello crazy obsessed fangirl here! And welcome to my blog!
I have truly crappy taste in music but I can on occasion have sudden bursts of brilliance.
I will post just about anything and everything on here so please do enjoy and obsess with me! (PS the gif of Dean is not mine)


Where is the “stepped on lego” or “stepped on pronged plug”?


  • "Bloody Hell!" - KJ


You keep doing this, guys


Dean + Season 6


teen wolf is a story of…



I have chills.

Oh Loki, how do you do it. You make a death threat sound sexy.

old school supernatural

Female Robbery AU: Allison and Lydia have been robbing banks and stealing money for years. When the cops finally trace it back to Lydia, she takes the fall leaving Allison no choice but to get her out.